Duality is series of small-scale drawings exploring concepts of right and wrong, positive and negative, and all manners of polar opposites.

This series began in the summer of 2007 while attending the Terra Nova National Park artist residency in Newfoundland. The landscape of the Canadian province is a boreal forest - the evergreen trees cover the entire island, all the way to the waters edge. Although extremely beautiful, it was also invariable. This environment stimulated my already racing thoughts of duality concepts. Upon arriving in Newfoundland, I immediately began drawing these semi-stream-of-consciousness scenarios.
I also became interested in the history of the Beothuk indians, a native people that became extinct in the early 1900´s. This showed up not only in the imagery, but in the technical process of the work, where I used the iron-rich earth to tone the paper, and simple charcoal to draw with.

Duality was part of the exhibition The Quick, curated by Rafael F. Salas. It took place at Caestecker Gallery, Ripon WI, in Feburary of 2008. Two of the works also belong in the permanent collection at The Rooms, St. John´s, Newfoundland.